Education Curriculum

Our preschool program is dedicated to fostering education, development, and building self-esteem in a secure and comfortable environment. We focus on spiritual, emotional, social, physical, intellectual, creative, and patriotic development of your children.

Spiritual Development

  • Use an explanation of words intrinsic to Christianity and the church.
  • References to God and Jesus in routine activities and events
  • Learning songs and Bible verses/stories.
  • Praying, including the Lord’s Prayer
  • Chapel, Bible stories, and discussion.

Emotional Development

  • Class, small group, and one-on-one discussions
  • Dramatic play, stories, and playground free play
  • Working alone, and in groups
  • Opportunities to determine own activities
  • 2nd Step, a program that teaches and helps children identify and understand their emotions, is offered for ages 3-Kindergarten.

Social Development

  • Dramatic play, stories,  playground / gym activities
  • Learning appropriate classroom behavior
  • Working with the teacher and in small or large groups
  • Multi-cultural activities and experiences, including kinds of families
  • Historical events
  • Incorporate “Six Pillars of Character,” Respect, Caring, Citizenship, Trustworthiness, Fairness, and Responsibility into daily routine.

Physical Development

  • Small motor skills including but not limited to tracing, cutting with scissors, spreading with spatulas, drawing with crayons, and pencils, manipulating small items with fingers, and creating objects with clay or play dough.
  • Large motor skills including but not limited to,  hopping, skipping, jumping, running, climbing, walking a line or balance beam, throwing and catching balls, marching, dancing, and rhythmic activities.

Intellectual Development

  • Development of language for a conversation with adults and other children, new vocabulary,  reinforcements of correct sentence structure, tense, and pronouns, and telling stories  or relating experiences and ideas.
  • Reasoning tasks such as classification, putting things in order, understanding time, and number concepts, and fitting things together.
  • General experiences of the world including science, art, music, and nature.

Creative Development

  • Imaginative or dramatic play
  • Creative thinking and problem-solving
  • Music, dance, and art activities

Patriotic Development

  • Celebration of patriotic holidays and observances
  • Appreciating the flag

No matter what your child’s age or interest, we have a program designed for them. Contact us to learn more.