About Our School

Our Philosophy

The Christian centered philosophy is the basis of Wee Care. The staff is specifically chosen and is dedicated to giving children the best quality education possible.

Wee Care, established with the vision of sharing the word of God with children of the church and community in a loving, learning, Christian atmosphere. The school’s goal is to maintain affordability and a small student/teacher ratio while working with each child on his/her developmental level. A structured program is provided considering each child’s needs. Family structure and interaction is also nurtured. Parental involvement is encouraged in all aspects of the school’s experience, as well as encouraging opportunities for parents and children to develop and maintain relationships with each other. It is our hope and goal that we can make a difference providing children with a wonderful experience, and a strong foundation for further Christian development and growth.

Our History

In August 1994, Wee Care Preschool, a self-supporting, nonprofit ministry of Pine Valley United Methodist Church opened its doors for the first time, in support of young children of PVUMC and the community. Linda Gregson, Kristin Bednarczyk, Jim Van Hook, and several active and concerned members of the church worked diligently to design and finance a quality comprehensive preschool program. This was based on affordability and Christian values that were desperately needed for the area’s stay at home parents. The program was designed as a half day program for 2, 3 and 4-year-olds. Enrollment was limited due to the available classroom space. With the support of the members of PVUMC and the community, Wee Care doubled in size for the 1995 school year, adding additional classes and a state registered kindergarten program.

Further growth was made available with the development of the Christian Life Center, in 1997. Wee Care moved into the building utilizing the classrooms during the week that were also used for children on Sunday mornings. In August 2013, Wee Care started its twentieth year of operation and is still serving the community today.