Our Staff

All staff members at Wee Care are oriented in organizational policies and philosophies, as well as  trained in the Safe Sanctuary Polices of PVUMC. In addition, our staff is certified in First Aid and CPR and receive yearly continuing education credits in the education field.  The most important attribute of the staff is that of LOVE and DEDICATION for the children who have been brought to us. Through working as a TEAM, we provide a wholesome and caring foundation for spiritual, emotional, developmental, and academic growth.

Director – Linda Gregson
Office Assistant – Sharon Morton

Teachers of our 1-year-old

  • 2-day/2-day program  (Monda/Wednesday) & (Tuesday/Thursday)
    • Betsy Knox
    • Hannah Hales
    • Joolie Davis
    • Amanda Wishon

Teachers of our 2-year-olds

  •  2-day and 3-day programs (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) & (Tuesday, Thursday)
    • Tara Adams
    • Crystal Friece

Teachers of our 3-year-olds

  • 2 day and 3-day programs (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) & (Tuesday, Thursday)
    • Stacey Gibson
    • Amy Bonds
  • 5-day program
    • Brieanna Guerra
    • Cindy Stevens

Teachers of our 4-year-olds

  • 3-day program (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
    • Jean Lindbert
    • Kelly Copeland
  • 5-day program
    • Amber Lydon
    • Claire Jameson
    • April Olson
    • Elizabeth Davis


  •  Daily program-9:00-1:00
    • Tammy McNulty
    • Shannon Pipkin