All three of my children have attended Wee Care throughout their preschool years. We have loved our experience. My children have received love and guidance in a fun-filled Christian environment. My children still come back to school and hug their past teachers. I can’t imagine a better preschool. Wee Care was one of our best decisions. — Melissa

My family came Wee Care when we were new to the area, with no relatives and very few acquaintances. We wanted to provide our son with social peer-to-peer interaction and a good educational environment where he could learn and grow.  I toured most of the preschools in town before deciding on Wee Care.  What immediately struck me was the loving and nurturing environment.  Wee Care holds a high academic standard and nurtures the children physically (through outside and inside activities), emotionally (by helping them cope with feelings and express these with words), spiritually (by keeping the focus on the love of Jesus) and academically (by encouraging letter/number recognition, learning how to read and write their name, appropriate fine motor skills, such as cutting…).  We have put two kids through the program,   and would recommend it to anyone. —-Marina

The teachers and staff are professional in every sense of the word and have always been attentive to my children’s needs.  It is a school of integrity and distinction that I would recommend to any parent looking to find a place for their child.—–Marina

Emmalyn has been at Wee Care a total of three years now. I can attest to the teachers who had her from the start.  All of the teachers are very patient.  Our daughter is a strong willed child.  The teachers have been tested and have been able to handle her little quirks.——Natalie

Wee Care has been a wonderful experience for our two sons!  The play-centered academic atmosphere has allowed my boys to enjoy childhood and the school experience, all while preparing them for the skills they need to succeed in the classroom. The program nurtured their spirit, minds and their self-esteem. The staff and teachers genuinely are for the children and show it on the smiling faces in the halls.  I recommend Wee Care to anyone looking for a preschool.—Ash

Our student has come leaps and bounds since she started Wee Care. Two years later, our little girl can count, recognize shapes, share, and has learned so much more. She now knows scripture and several basis Bible stories. Wee Care has helped develop several areas that she struggled with like music.  They took a girl that hated music and helped her love it. We are thankful for the many ways Wee Care has helped integrate our child and also included her sibling who wanted to party and play at every event.  Yeaa, he starts this year!  ——Natalie

Wee Care has been a wonderful experience for us.  The teachers and staff are caring and are full of compassion.  My children hace excelled academically and emotionally with the loving guidance of Wee Care. I recommend this school to everyone.—–Sandra

While looking for a pre-k program for my daughter who had never attended any other type of preschool before, I came across Wee Care. The staff was very friendly when we went in to look at the school and already made my daughter feel welcome even before we signed her up.  We decided to enroll, and it was the best thing we could have done.  She learned so much more in the 4 year old class than I could have taught her at home. I was concerned that it would be just babysitting, but it wasn’t, here they learned so much and have a lot of fun while doing it in a safe environment. There are five different age groups and each age learns things appropriate for their age. They give you detailed information as to what your child is learning and what they may need help with at home. My husband and I are so thankful to the Wee Care program and all of the wonderful teachers and staff for all of their hard work and support with all of the children. I recommend this program to any parent who wishes to have their learn in a safe environment.—Katie

Wee Care has truly helped my daughter gain confidence and grow socially, emotionally and academically. We are blessed to be part of such an excellent program.——-Michelle